Show & Tell

Image from 36th Avenue
It's my birthday week. Woop Woop!

* Some clever & sweet packaging

* Nina Simone Feeling Good. Yes I do!

* Very cute pregnancy 

* Interesting and slightly depressing death row last meals. (I must say I'd be a bit bummed if I requested fried chicken & it arrived looking like that. But who is there to complain too....)

* Creepy font created with human body parts. Eugh!

Doctor Doctor!

I love hearing stories back from people who have bought Lula by Emma products for their children.

I've been sent stories about kids sleeping in their cape, wearing them to school for a week & refusing to wear anything else, and that's just the best. Little people playing in Superhero Capes or other Dress Ups makes me very, very happy.

So when I received a mail this morning from Annabel who recently  gave her neice one of the Nurse Costumes it totally made my day.

How cute is this little strip.

Thank you Annabel, cute Stella & Stella's mum for sharing!
She looks gorgeous

Show & Tell

Pizza night Tuesday ♥
Another week & another collections of bits & bobs from around & about

* I absolutely love these paper creations & wish I'd been the clever mum to come up with it!

* Gregory Crewdson - fine art photographer

* Dancing like fairies.

* I always love my talented friend Paige's articles. This week tackled the F word in a relationship. Parp.

* Things cats do that would be creepy if you did

* Why you shouldn't trust people/ internet

* Animal jump fails. Shame quite a bit funny!

Show & Tell

Another week & there were some great things circulating!

The Scale of Things. Crazy!

Tres cool First Kiss film

This Speed Reading App apparently really works. I'm keen to try!

True Detective. We watched the finale of series 1 last night. WOWZERS!

David Goldblatt. The emotional standing ovation at The Design Indaba in Cape Town was well deserved.

Fashion Designer (and artist/ interior designer/ film director/ musician...) Henrik Vibskov - such incredible talent

Happiness  by Stefan Sagmeister at The Design Indaba truly made me happy & was a great way to end an inspiring day.

"Cats in tights". Google it. It made my week.