Show & Tell

Disney on Ice, Cape Town winter feels like summer & prepping for another pop-up shop. It's been a busy week & here's some bits from around the Interweb

* Love this combination of stitching over photographs

* This years most uncomfortable ad - welcome to Poo Prison

* I would have such sweet dreams in this bedding : On the Wall by Society6

* This 144 Year Old Wisteria in Japan looks like fireworks & pink skies, & I want to dance underneath it ♥

* Japanese designer creates cute cleavage diving necklaces

* Anything to make me enjoy running

* Loving these cloud storage sets

* Ceramic Masters. Truly beautiful craft.


Show & Tell

What a fun weekend. Warren turned 40! Woop Woop.
There were pressies, celebrations, sun & lots of yummy treats!

* The new Hipster Beards

* Super pretty Dandelion lights

* Good advise

* Fancy frocks with pockets, simply delicious. And those orchids? Whhhhhhaaaaaat?!

* Beautiful Product. Beautiful Brand. Field Notes

* 20 modern remakes of famous paintings.


Show & Tell

We spent a wonderful restful, couple of days this last weekend  @ Old Mac Daddy with great friends in the beautiful Elgin Valley. Can't believe I've never been before & now I can't wait to return!

* In response to the rubbish dump we are making on earth, this photographer captures pictures of people lying in a weeks worth of trash

* Accoustic Daft Punk medley

* Whilst researching our trip to Paris, I not only discovered this lovely flea market to visit, but this lovely series of portraits it inspired. Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris

* Loving these White Noise shiny pieces

* A reminder of global warning cleverly represented in these pretty Bergy Bit candles .

* Whilst driving through the orchard fields in the Elgin Valley this weekend, we thought Craft Cider!     Mmmmm

* LOVE these furry delights coming out of Meadham Kirchhoff collection for Top Shop.

Keep on shining winter sun

Show & Tell

Dallas Clayton

This weeks bits & bobs

* Well done to Virgin for getting Vivienne Westward involved in givine air stewards a makeover.

* The latest offering & social experiment from my colleagues @ King James with our client Sanlam : The R1 Man

* Painted sheep! I love it!

* Classic books transformed into public benches. So clever.

* This copper bird feeder is just beautiful

* This Ghanaian Sculptors work is just incredible. Gravity & Grace : Monumental Works by El Anatsui

Cold kisses

Show & Tell

It's been a week of end of school plays, wisdom teeth removals (not mine thankfully) & a temporary return to summer weather. Hoorah.

* I ♥ everything about this website : the design, the story, the photography, the beautiful simplicity of the products. This is Paper, from Poland

* What it means to "be like a girl". Thought-provoking for our daughters.

* A blow-up bouncy boob room @ The Museum of Sex

* I ♥ these cute sweetie wrappers.

* On my to eat list for Cape Town : Black Sheep on Kloof St

* I'm not sure how many parents are left who DON'T know the words to "Let it Go!"

* Cape Town is a fab place to be right now

* Seven Digital Deadly Sins Which one are you?