Show & Tell

Double Pom Pom 
We've been so lucky with our delayed winter & it's such a treat to spend weekends on the beach & brunching outdoors. Here's some other things other than the winter sun that I've enjoyed this week:

* I love how this baby knitwear range Tricot Retro is displayed

* Yoskay Yamamoto "House of Daydreamers" at Giant Robot.  I ♥ the Little People.

* I love this DIY 'leather couch' storage bag

* "Moving on" Beautiful but incredibly sad.

Dreaming of more sunny mornings

Show & Tell

candy floss
This week I feel like my hair is a combination of candy-floss & lala-loopsy (in colour that is) ♥
Here's this weeks fun finds.

* Rediscovered this clip of drunk Russian coal miners (*Warren*). Still ridiculously funny.

* Another interesting installation over in NY & incredible location. Kara Walker, Domino Sugar factory

* Wouldn't mind a couple of these dipped leg milking stools in my house. Holy Stool by UM Project

* Za'atar Croissants. Once tried, apparently there's no going back!

* Ridiculous concentration & steady hand

* Find the invisible cow. Wa ha ha

* A collection of useless, unexplainable stock images. Funny.

Show & Tell

Mike Kelley 
Pina - LOVE everything about this.

* Russsian artist Leonid Tishkov travelled around the world for 10 years with his glowing crescent moon. What a magical project that takes you to dreamland for a minute.

* Major Eugh. But kind of pretty too - I could see it on a cushion. No? Magnified sea water.

* Fantastic performance by Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. Worth watching

* The  smallest 3d pen. Doodle in the air? Whhhaaaaaaat?!

* I love Fifi Lapin. This is fab.

* This behind the scenes look at the Freetown shoot is cool

* If I was in LA I'd love to go to this exhibition of Mike Kelley @ MOCA

* This is kind of spooky but fascinating : Lifesize dolls in Japanese village

* The origins of the word Sabotage. Interesting!