Show & Tell

* Show us your moves

* Funny faces all around us

* Such beauty in the creation of life

* I have to say that I think quite a lot of these Japanese inventions are pretty good!

* Wa ha ha. What does Steri Stumpie have in common with a Llama?

* ello ello ello

Tra la


Superhero's. The story continued....

It makes me burst with KAPOWSs & WHAMs to know that since the launch of my Superheros range last year, we've helped mould a good number of new little super stars around the country (and a few overseas I believe.)

This year it was very exciting (and slightly nerve wrecking) to be back @ Kamers with more Superhero fun.

To show off the designs we borrowed a very cute little blond friend to match our Squish and captured their best action hero moves & made them in to large cut-outs for the stand.


How sweet!


Aswell as the popular lightening flash & star branded Superhero Capes, I had my new dress up range available, aswell as Jolly Roger pants, pretty strings of felt hearts, cute cloud wall hangings, baby shower gifts, and more pretty skirts, aprons & crowns. And bunting - of course!

Webersburg, Stellenbosch was such a beautiful location, and in particular, Friday's late night opening offered us such a dramatic sunset treat over the dam.

Well done to the Kamers Clan for another splendid show & to all the talented people who worked hard throughout the year to create such beautiful products. My faves this year were funnily enough all my neighbours : Simply Bee ( I bought 'miracle' propolis serum, face wash, shaving stuff for Warren & plenty of gifts for friends & raw honey) , Michelle Ludek (the bestest harems/ jumpsuit in a crazy zebra print that I just love to bits) & the Ceramic Factory (their dinosaur plate & yellow bambi are at the top of my Xmas list!)

And a special thanks to my Super Family for supporting me & all the wonderful mums, dads, aunts, friends, siblings, god-parents, god-fairies, neighbours & grandparents who bought a piece of my world for another little person.

And now on to the Christmas orders!


Show & tell

* I absolutely love this idea, Dinovember

* A very funny website that creates one liners from your Facebook status post history

* Little elves for Christmas. Too cute!

* Quite an incredible split!

* I've been saying that I need to learn how to do some updo's for lula's hair - this might be a stretch too far!

* Sweet Advent Calendar printable

* How bizarre - fire alarms in The Ice Hotel

* This is a great thing to do - recreating childhood pics. I love the 2nd image!!