Show & Tell

We survived Fri 13th - Yay! We had a long weekend - Yay! No-one in the house is sick anymore - Yay!

* Seriously lusting over this stationary must-have

* Under NYC. Exploring Tunnels

* Afternoon tea with these 2 cuties. Yes please.

* Turning data in to art @ The Tate

* Cats making silly faces

* More Pinterest Fails - can never see enough of these

* Cute ad for vitamins aimed at OAP's! (*2007*)

* The most deliciously beautiful box of choccies I have ever seen. From Nectar & Stone.Want!

To The Moon & Back...

This year for Fathers Day I was happy to stumble across this cool set of printables from BloesomKids 

I stuck them on to some card & cut them out for Lula to have fun with. They worked brilliantly!

She wore her astronaut helmet in the morning to give her daddy his pressie & said "I love you to the moon & back"
Who doesn't love that book. One of my best friends gave to me at my baby shower, & we still read it often.

We then propped our lunch table with the space cut-outs & then stuck them on to her blackboard for more cosmic fun.

We had such a wonderful day. Perfect for an incredible dad, who makes parenting such fun for me too!

The space props also fitted in perfectly with my new project "Goodnight Moon" wall hanging. 
I saw an illustrated poster a while back & thought it would make a gorgeous mobile in felt. It's lightly stuffed & has 3 twinkly stars hanging under the sleeping moon. I made the 1st one this week for a friends baby shower but am going to make more available. Yay!

This moon & stars mobile is super cute for a nursery or kids room 

To stand a chance of owning a "Goodnight Moon" mobile, leave a comment here, LIKE the Facebook page & share the link on Facebook

Good Luck!
Good Night!

Show & Tell

The family is slowly getting over the plague, so hopefully energy levels will resume to their normal levels soon!
Meanwhile, here's what flew past my screen this week ♥

Clever idea from Coca-Cola

What to do when you're stuck at an airport!

Great poetic exhibition Robert Montgomery

A love story of 2 artists & the struggle in their marriage & creativity  Cutie & The Boxer

I want to go here for afternoon tea. Sketch

I seriously ♥ this porcelain bunny 

Here's to another long weekend coming up!

Show & Tell

I missed last weeks posting, Squish & I both came down with an awful tummy flu which took us down for a week. I hate being ill, apart form the discomfort, I can't help but think about what a waste of time it is, lying in bed feeling terrible when there are things to do! Anyway, we're on the mend & here's this weeks links :

Louis CK - funniest comedian I've seen recently. Genius.

If I had more time I'd definitely be making some of these rope vessels

I know it's winter now & freezing out there, but I've never had a French Soda - they look delicious!

For those who haven't seen, I must share our Lula By Emma shoot again ♥

Weird & wonderful. Nature  

What you can do with some cups of water, time & a lot of patience, here  

Beautiful but quite terrifying at the same time. Centenarians

Um & that would be a YES to all of these picks by Miss Moss

Why? Not sure. Why not? Absurd portraits by Romain Laurant

Loving Haas new skull crockery

Brrr more rain for Cape Town

The Lula By Emma Winter Collection!

I've been sewing for about 3 years now and I've always tackled each project one at time; taking an item & focussing on that until I'm happy to add it to the retail list. But I think ultimately I've always fantasized about creating a full range.

This dream of creating clothing items, season after season, requires a mountain of talent & creativity however. Another huge factor in this dream, is time.  To be able to offer a collection of pieces, across all sizes, in a quantity that is substantial to offer for sale, just seems too far from reach.

As a compromise, I decided to set myself a challenge of creating a little range for Lula with the hope that out of this process there would be a couple of new items that I could produce & offer for sale.

Over the past few weeks I have designed, drafted & sewn 8 new items, one at a time, posting on Instagram as I go.

And I'm happy to say that I did it! I made a mini-range & I'm really happy with the results. Yay!

The final collection is a Urban Boho inspired winter look, with fluffy fake fur, quilted leather, hand-painted print & floral fabric working together in a mix of blues, pinks & black.

Ta Dah!
Yesterday, over a delicious brekkie at our amazing local coffee shop Queen of Tarts, we styled & photographed the final range on Lula.

I love it!

The clothes look fab & Squish just looks super cute & fabulous.


Thanks to her amazing Daddy for the beautiful pictures & Queen of Tarts for the incredible food & location.

More details on the inspiration behind the range & the individual piece to follow on the next post.

I would love to hear what you think x