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What a lovey time we've had with all these public holidays & extra days off. Not so good for work, but I could definitely get used to 3 day weeks & long weekends full of Autumn dips, eating, sewing, snoozing & playing. 2 more to go!

* A beautiful home. Love the colours & light.

* Keen to try this DIY concrete & copper pipe planter

* I really should have had enough of chocolatey things after Easter, but this Hot Fudge looks delish.

* I love this flash-back to the things we grew up with. Nostalgic!

* Great initiative from H&M to recycle old clothes

* Laundry bag tutorial from my fave designlovefest

* oh my god - how cute are these little Bohemian chics. Too much!

* What an incredible exhibition to see : The nice thing about the kites is that for a while I was very curious as to why they are so appealing to people." Jacob Hashimoto " #GasGiant

* We listen to FineMusicRadio a lot & Lula falls asleep to the Classic tunes they play every night. Last night I heard this Operatic piece whilst we driving home late & I loved. Sacred Music from 18th Century Brazil. I imagined myself in silk gown, music blaring, stroking the kitties...anyhoo.

Show & Tell

Hot Cross Bun flavoured Ice-cream!
This week was just the best. Long weekend. Tick. Family time. Tick. Shopping, eating, sewing, DIY, bit of gym, lots of Lindt chocoloate, tick, tick tick.
And there's still another 2 long weekends coming. Yay!

* Found this little boutique on Instagram, KoodeKer. Lovely.

* I love Lana Del Rey - here's her new single "West Coast"

* Hair tumblr - I think I'll hang on to the lilac a leetle longer

* Hanging on to summer & dreaming of slurping these fresh cocktails

* After discovering the delights of roasted broccoli, cauliflower & kale, I'm keen to give these brussels a try.

The Pearsons

You may remember the lovely engagement shoot we did last year with Carey & Michael where they looked gorgeous throwing leaves & relaxing in their romantic camp we set up on a beautiful Autumns day in Noordheok.

Well, they are now wed & are both lucky enough to have married in to really close families. And the story continues...
We were excited when they said that they'd like to have a family shoot for Mike's mums 60th birthday. And as it happened, the timing of this gift turned out perfectly. With news of Carey & Michael about to embark on a new adventure in Hong Kong, it made this Sunday morning family time even more relevant.

We joined them for a relaxing weekend brunch to capture moments of this close family all together before their adventure starts.

I love the lush green hedge at their Pinelands home that was used as a backdrop, and the pretty ring Patricia received for her special birthday.

Happy Birthday Patricia & Good Luck Carey & Michael
Thanks for having us

(And special thanks for the apple crumble & ice-cream, it was absolutely delicious!)

Show & Tell

It's been a week of new Superheros & all sorts of other stuff. And it's now almost time for the long weekend - so excited for yummy food, home pottering & relaxing times.

* Beautifully shot Skate Video filmed in an abandoned theme park

* What the F, T & V with this alphabet dance compilation

* I'm loving Floss Gloss new colour range, especially Honey, Faded & Biscuits.

* Pure joy from the granny on her 1st ever roller-coaster ride

* This looks like a great sport to take up!

* Beautiful collection of natural hues inspired Pinterest pics from Skattejakt : Child

* The Japanese really do go the extra mile with their vending machines 

* Kids & their toys. Toy Stories

* Absolutely loving Skinny la Minx's wallpaper range.

* Ice-cream sandwiches? Prada cocktails? I'm liking these Food Trends for 2014.

* This weeks song added to the running playlist "Addicted to You"

* Jigsaw puzzle App? It doesn;t seem right for this type of activity?


Superheros go bling (and POW!)

From Lanvin to Versace, metallic's are trending on the cat walks & popping up in fashion forecasts & editorials. Designers have used liquid silvers & shimmering golds to add drama to everyday wear aswell as accessories & shoes. I love that it's becoming the norm to bring sequins & shine in to day time outfits - my goldy bronze asos shoes will fit right in!
It's hard to ignore the shiny textures & as soon as they caught my eye, they inspired me to add a lustrous option to my Superhero Range.

I still love the royal blue & red Superhero dress-ups (here), with their fun contrasting patterns on the reverse, but there's always time for a bit of sparkle & shine in my world, so blinged up superhero capes seems the perfect addition to the collection.

I've made these high shine designs, completey double sided so that both the reflective gold & silver can be enjoyed to the maximum.

There's a red lightening flash on one side & a blue star on the other. Each is carefully sewn on to the reversible cape. Pom Pom trim finishes them off & goes them movement 'in flight'. And a simple popper fastener makes them easy to keep on.

So from the runway to your littlies bedroom, join the gold rush & have some fun with these new reversible super-superhero capes!

Now time to take over the world (or garden at least!)

Available in 2 weeks time (with some better pics!). Would love to hear if you like them!


One minute it felt like we were never going to see the sun again & we were destined for months of cold wet nights, wellies & brollies, and now we're basking in 30 degree sunshine. 
That's Cape Town & why I love living here - especially in Autumn. 
Those last downpours did get me thinking about how I actually enjoy the 1st few days of winter rain. After months of sweating & applying suncream on every outing (or not, and suffering later), it's a welcome change to dream about snuggly nights in, warm fires & soup.

There's something rewarding & guilt-free about being tucked up inside, whilst the rain drops race down the windows outside. 

As a graphic, they make pretty designs too.

Here's some sweet rain drop inspired items I found. 

I'm seriously coveting this gorgeous cushion from Mint Medley
And whilst I'm on their amazing site, how's this Raindrop Clutch. LOVE!

I'm very tempted to buy a cute fox in the rain bag from Tiny Daisy

A cute handpainted rain cloud mug on Etsy

Sweet styling project from Magpie Miller

And I couldn't do a post without bunting! This rain drop paper garland is really pretty

Love Love Love this Australian Co textiles too. Gorgeous totes aswell as cushions in graphic triangles, chevron pattern & raindrops. I would buy fabric in bulk from Harvest Textiles if I lived there

My favourite Fifi Lapin looks adorable in the rain 

My Lula by Emma Heart Clouds in our spare bedroom 

Rain or sun, which do you prefer? 
I don't think there's any doubt that I would always choose sun!

Show & Tell

Akvile Miseviciute
Here's this weeks treats

* The incredible hairy frog fish!

* Such cute plushies from Finkelstein

* This is so cool! 360 degrees video using 6 GoPro Cameras - spherical panorama timelapse.

* An incredible story of dreams coming try. The Conditioned.

* Wow, I love this illustartor, AkvilÄ— Magicdust's work 

* Emotions, Love & Rewards from acts of kindness

* Music Video. The Shoe

Street Typography. It's an art.

Show & Tell

Lots of stuff in this weeks Show & Tell!

* I LOVE living in Cape Town, and this makes me Happy.

* Animated paper with a message

* Sleeping Cats

* Techno Chicken. Love it!

* More chickens : Cocks, Chicken Beauty Pageants

* Now you can do 3d drawing with Gravity

* Pure pleasure in it's simplest form. The incedible elastic band.

* Incredible places to visit before you die. DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA

* I would love to go to this exhibition of Yoshitomo Nara

* I love fabric & would by all of these delicious Japanese ones if I could

* Customise your own  lamp shade

* Inspired by Origami, this beautiful bloom blanket

* This dad adds special effects to clips of his toddler playing

* Brilliant lip syncing to Frozen by these parents

Tra La