Show & Tell

The pic says it all. Too excited!

* These gorgeous lamps remind me of Spirograph patterns

* Seriously lusting after a pair (or 2, or 3) of these Milan clog sandals

* Loving her style : Mia Moretti, Hipster Barbie!

* Dreaming of hanging out here as a weekend runaway

* My latest Instagram Feed & Pinterest crush @dandymoon

* I recently watched lula & thought how precious it is to be 5 & to find sitting next to the window on the school bus the most exciting thing ever. To be so easily impressed is something to maybe be aware of.  I'm not sure psychedelic drugs is the answer though.

* Miaow.

* And something to keep you entertained at work : Desk safari

* A beautiful piece of writing I wrote this for you 


Show & Tell

Spring has sprung & love is in the air. It's our 14 year anniversary this week, the African sun is tickling our cheeks & here's some cyber bits that caught my attention x

* If ever there was a story that has made me want to leave my job & travel around the world to music festivals, it was this. No Cameras Allowed - Marcus Haney. Watch it.

* I ran 5km's yesterday (after a 3 month sabbatical) thanks to Rey & Kjavik wooooooo hooooooo!

* Love is universal Salvation Mountain

* Gorgeous baby product branding Milk & Co

* Such an awesome pressie idea : personalised marshmallows from Boomf. I;m definitely ordering soon.

* 14 Year Wedding Anniversay gift ideas - maybe a can wrap Noodle & Boo up again!

* 2 weeks more of hard slog & then it's a hop & a skip to Shorditch, Liverpool, Dorset & Paris!

* Decor envy of this white Danish home  & Paris Chic

* High Tea? Oh gowwan then

* Tres silly & leftfield. Serenading the cows

Show & Tell

Another fun & busy week with 40th birthday Celebrations  Part 2 (final episode still to follow - eek...). The best way to spend a Sunday by far, is to have Brunch @ Pot Luck Club with all your closest friends ♥. Meanwhile these were a few things that brushed past my computer screen along the way

* This is my type of corner shop. I've LOVE to work in a world of felt products!

* Words to hate.

* I'm feeling inspired to cook again with Jamies Olivers budget meals, 1st up Korean Stir Fry. Yum!

* Marilyn Myller : a new stop-motion animation made with styrofoam puppets & long-exposure light effects

* Love the tie-dye denim mood of this picnic lunch setting

* Dresses with pockets. My new fave thing. I posted some a couple of weeks ago too. To Do List!

* I want to fill my bathroom with Mr Moss balls.