Show & Tell

These weeks enjoyables from here & there.

* Amazing T-Rex illusion

* Creative recreation 

* Seriously LIKE this wire trend.

* Hallelujah, Kloof St - next on my list to visit for a quick cocktail. And then Dijon for dinner

* I love this companies throws & am holding thumbs they can deliver to SA

* Fake London Underground signs. Very good.

Lapin & Me

I just have to share this site with you on this wonderful sunny Friday.

I started following Lapin & Me on Instagram early last year & the daily inspiration of bunny & dolly delights that they post bring much happiness to my days. They are in fact going to be my #100happydays post for today.

Lapin & Me are a UK based company who manage to combine vintage & kitsch in delightful chubby-cheeked bunnies and toys that are carefully sourced from around the wall.

Lula (/me) is already the proud owner of a cherry red Deidei Doll (bought locally in Cape Town but I see originate from Ghana) & a gorgeous Lapin Light (which, no joke, I coveted for about 3 years until finally I managed to order one online from Bodie & Fou & get delivered to a friend in UK for my hubby to then bring back on his last trip there)..

Deidei Dolls

Lapin Light
Next on my wish list one of these bare-bottomed cuties, the Baby Lapin in soft grey

Show & Tell

Bali beach
I was so busy enjoying sunset hot dogs on the beach with friends, and feeling like we were on holiday on Tuesday evening, I completely forgot to post the Tuesday night homework.
It was an easy mistake, I have a new appreciation this year of the beautiful city we live in.

So here are some bits I saw.

* I'd seen people transform kids sketches in to soft toys, but these keyrings are genius too.

* I love to nap. Now there's a guide on how to perfect that special time

* This cool little 6 year old is awesome!

* Surfing swans.

* I've just signed up for the 100 happy days challenge

* Very clever interpretation of time-travel

* This abandoned house


Turning 4 : Circus Time!

And the final chapter of Lula's birthday pictures is from 2012 & her Circus Party for her 4th birthday.

Paper pinwheels, pop corn, spots, stripes, silly clown noses, skittles, carousel ride & a sack race = Circus Fun!

I've really enjoyed putting these albums together now, 4 years after her very first party, as I can appreciate how much she's grown & remember all the wonderful times we've enjoyed & experienced as a family since that special 1st birthday.

As I reminisce, I still can't believe how lucky we've been to have Lula in our lives.
Every year just gets better & better. Just when you think it can't get any better than 'this'.

And thank goodness for digital cameras.
Besides boring friends with numerous Instagram & Facebook updates (& that's not including the hoards of others stored on various computers & phones which I struggle to edit or god forbid actually delete) it's a amazing to have so many memories brought back to life by looking back at photos.

I don't think you can ever get tired of looking at pictures of your own children.
Aah sigh. I love my Squish so much.

Turning 1
Turning 2
Turning 5

Turning 3

Wall love

I remember growing up in a house that was covered in crazy 70's dark swirly wallpaper. My parents soon tamed those psychedelic rooms by applying wood chip wallpaper over them & painting them 'magnolia' - it seemed so modern at the time to go so neutral.
Eventually it just felt safe & boring!

Then when Warren & I moved in to our own 1st house, all we wanted was clean plain white walls. Everything had to be white.
And I still love that. It's such a light & fresh solution.

We recently moved in to a new house & I'm desperate to give it a facelift.
I'm craving a bit of pattern again & am desperate to get some wallpaper up on a wall somewhere.

In our previous house we had a wall of Cole & Son Woods in our bedroom which we loved & sadly had to leave behind when we moved.

I must say, I do miss our white floors from our old house. And our Siamese Bangers :( 

Anyhoo. Do we go for the same trees again?

I feel we should try a different one but can't seem to find any that I like quite as much?
Here's a few that I love



1. Chevrons
2. Dog Parlour
3. Oversized florals
4. Fabulous Polka Dots
5. Fun Flamingoes
6. Botanical pages
7. Anthropolgie Enchanted Forest. LOVE!
8. Anthropologie C'est Magnifique

An alternative would be to make a wall installation (if I had the patience for such a project?):

1. Origami
2. Paper board origami (DIY)
3. Paper triangles
3. Polystyrene tiles can look incredible

Or even paint a design directly on the wall (if only I was arty like that!)

Titi Freak Installation

Interior wall 

Black & White illustration
To be continued with our progress (hopefully)……..

Turning 3 : Rainbows!

Then in 2011, Lula turned 3 and we celebrated with a Rainbow Theme

Clown face painter, bright bunting, ribbons & balloons & a rather fantastic rainbow cake (if I do say so myself! - I'd spotted it on Pinterest & that had inspired the party). Smarties, fairy bread, fruit skewers & Steri Stumpie milks all in a pretty row.

This was one of my favourites!

Rainbow Cake instructions here!

It was super easy to make (compared to the 2 previous years!) & was so impressive. The kids loved it when we cut it open and there was a rainbow inside that they could eat!



Turning 1

Turning 2

Turning 5