Show & Tell

And the countdown has started, 1 month until Xmas. So many things still to make...

* I wonder if this, table covered with crocheted plastic bags, would work with loom bands?! I like!

 * So in heart with these up cycled teacups

* Loving these holiday wrapping ideas

* 1920's inspired Iphone speaker

* Most expensive Airline Safety Video for New Zealand Airlines

* OREO cute Halloween creations

back to work x

Show & Tell

LOVE this unicorn ring
The madness of Kamers is over & life is starting to return to normal, including our Tuesday sessions which are happily, back on! I personally had no homework last week (we were busy planning a unicorn party for which this ring would have been perfect for) but there were a couple of goodies that I had to include plus some new ones for this week.

 * The Hot-Crazy Matrix - a mans guide to women. So wrong, but kind of right too!

* How to climb the 2nd tallest building in the world Shanghai Tower. Yikes

* The Caseys : Advertising Case Study Videos get their own Award Show.

* Stop looking at your phones. The ridiculous habit that I know I'm guilty of

* Skateboards re purposed

* Warren still laughs at some of the things I come out with. Here's a few truly British idioms

* Johnny Depp gets tipsy at Awards Show

Let the silly season begin ♥