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Me & The Zebra Man
The silly season is here & there's only 10 more chocolate coins on the advent calendar until I finish work for 2 weeks. It's a time for eating, drinking, sun & fun times. Yay.

* Glitter Pills for sparkly poop. How festive!

* The Awesome World of Advertising comic strips

* Very funny IG account making fun of how some girls post

* One of the funniest people out there at the moment for me : Louis CK and if his quotes were motivational posters

* Need to make one of these for the Squish this holiday


Show & Tell

Pin hole Bijou
What a fab week. Super sociable, Warren exhibited some pieces at #openstudios, Squish had her 1st go at surfboarding and I had some great support from my pop-up Lula by Emma sale at work. There was also some fun things whizzing around the internet :

* A load of Hot Air 99 Red Balloons

* Insect byproducts used to create sculptural objects

* Wonderful installation highlighting the need of a basic vessel to be able to drink from by Hennie Meyer, Ukesela aKapa (and I was lucky enough to be given one last Wed @ Alex Hamiltons #MegaMashUp2 hooray!)

* Beautifully produced video game 'Lumino City'

* Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Wa ha ha

* New favourite series The Knick. Loved it.

* There's a secret apartment in the Eiffel Tower??

* I'm feeling like I should have planned better for 1 Dec and organised a Gin Advent Calendar

Show & Tell

And the countdown has started, 1 month until Xmas. So many things still to make...

* I wonder if this, table covered with crocheted plastic bags, would work with loom bands?! I like!

 * So in heart with these up cycled teacups

* Loving these holiday wrapping ideas

* 1920's inspired Iphone speaker

* Most expensive Airline Safety Video for New Zealand Airlines

* OREO cute Halloween creations

back to work x

Show & Tell

LOVE this unicorn ring
The madness of Kamers is over & life is starting to return to normal, including our Tuesday sessions which are happily, back on! I personally had no homework last week (we were busy planning a unicorn party for which this ring would have been perfect for) but there were a couple of goodies that I had to include plus some new ones for this week.

 * The Hot-Crazy Matrix - a mans guide to women. So wrong, but kind of right too!

* How to climb the 2nd tallest building in the world Shanghai Tower. Yikes

* The Caseys : Advertising Case Study Videos get their own Award Show.

* Stop looking at your phones. The ridiculous habit that I know I'm guilty of

* Skateboards re purposed

* Warren still laughs at some of the things I come out with. Here's a few truly British idioms

* Johnny Depp gets tipsy at Awards Show

Let the silly season begin ♥

Show & Tell

* Whooooaaa a hoverboard!

* Imagine a world with an enormous Spinosuarus in it.

* What a road trip

* For those near Cape Town next week, Kamers is not to be missed

* What a crazy story of a husband claiming to be the artist that was actually his wife

* This week I died my hair pink. A fluorescent highlighter kind of pink. It's a bit out there, but not quite in this category of hair-don'ts

* A cool mobile-washing-van idea to help the homeless

* This is pretty awesome God Only Knows to celebrate the launch  of BBC Music


Going Batty for Halloween

The baby bat
Screamed out in fright,
"Turn on the dark,
I'm afraid of the light."

Back in 2012 when Squish had just started at nursery school, there was a dress-up day. All the other children arrived dressed like butterflies, fairies, tigers & firemen, but for some reason I had the urge to make a bat costume.

She looked super cute!

The bat top then came in handy the following Halloween, & when her little best friend saw it, she wanted one too, so I whipped another black-winged top up immediately.

They love them, to the extent that they are often worn to parties, for baking or just a trip to the shops. And because they are made from stretchy jersey fabric, they are super practical & still fit 2 years later!

And then I noticed during one of my IG surfs that BangBang Copenhagen (a seriously amazing & creative Danish brand that I frequently droll over) had included a similar item in their 2014 collection in the form of a hoodie - I was obviously on to a good thing!!

And with that, I decided to expand the bat love beyond Lula & her friends and give other aspiring bats to have one of these cool outfits.

Fun. Creative. Comfortable.

Introducing The Bat from Lula by Emma!

More pics to follow & to order, contact me on

(and for more bat poetry, look here!)

Emily ♥

When Sue told us over lunch that she was pregnant, it was the best news EVER. There were tears of joy & all sorts of loud cheers & woop woops ringing around the Turkish cafe we had met at.

Emily is truly precious in every possible way & chose incredible parents to journey through life with.

Our morning photo shoot turned in to a spontaneous lunch, some Ukulele lessons for Squish & a blustery afternoon walk to the beachfront with their family dog Kai.

Thanks so much for sharing this special day with us Brad & Sue.

It was a near impossible task to choose just a few pics of this little angel, but here we go


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I ♥ Cape Town
The weeks just seem to fly by at the moment, hopping from Monday to Friday in a heart-beat. Bad for my work deadlines, good for weekends which still feel long & full (and full of sunshine).
So here's 'Tuesdays' homework (a day late!)

* Love everything about this for my GIRL

* How beautiful is this swing WANT WANT WANT!

* Terrifying 2-liner horror stories. The power of words - No, 3!! I mean 4. 6. 8!! Those pictures! Aaaargh!

* And continuing the spooky theme, but not so scary. Halloween costumes for pets.

* Insane skills in this adventure ride on The Isle of Skye

* Needed to include this lovely piece from IKEA

Baby Ben

With the soft sun shining through Venetian blinds & the distant sound of the sea, Kerry & Rich's cliff-side home is the most perfect & tranquil spot for a new baby to start life in. And big sister Betty is always near, checking that none of the fluffy lambs cause trouble!

It felt like we were on holiday when we visited baby Ben to take some pics & we could have stayed all day in this relaxing home (although he was probably much relieved to have some peace after we had swaddled, lifted, soothed & positioned him all morning)

Here's a snippet of some of those special moments of him snoozing & wriggling with his proud parents.


Those tiny features of a new born baby never lose their magic

Retro toys from Kerry's childhood, along with Bens growing lamb collection & art from overseas make the sweetest nursery 
(and spot the Moon Mobile!)

Love & happiness to your beautiful family xxx

Show & Tell

So we returned from our European travels carrying full hearts & feeling inspired. There's so much I want to do now from decor improvements in our house to sewing things, to getting fit (?!). But for now I'm just happy soaking up Cape Town & enjoying the amazing things happening here.
Here's a few links from here & there.

* Another great example of city improvements in our hood combing exhibition space to showcase our local design talent . Sussex Open Studios.

* Cats that look like Pin-Ups

* This is quite incredible : Hundreds of Mountaineers climbing the Alps for a shoot

* Always such incredible & inspiring collections for Vivienne Westwood

* Really cute make-up art

* I've only read one of these books , I've got some catching up to do to see if the claim is true!

* Watch the trailer for Inherent Vice

* Paper bags that I need.

* Simple & beautiful animated cinemagraphs

* Waltzing on the Walls

* Got to love Lena Dunham

tra la

Show & Tell

The pic says it all. Too excited!

* These gorgeous lamps remind me of Spirograph patterns

* Seriously lusting after a pair (or 2, or 3) of these Milan clog sandals

* Loving her style : Mia Moretti, Hipster Barbie!

* Dreaming of hanging out here as a weekend runaway

* My latest Instagram Feed & Pinterest crush @dandymoon

* I recently watched lula & thought how precious it is to be 5 & to find sitting next to the window on the school bus the most exciting thing ever. To be so easily impressed is something to maybe be aware of.  I'm not sure psychedelic drugs is the answer though.

* Miaow.

* And something to keep you entertained at work : Desk safari

* A beautiful piece of writing I wrote this for you 


Show & Tell

Spring has sprung & love is in the air. It's our 14 year anniversary this week, the African sun is tickling our cheeks & here's some cyber bits that caught my attention x

* If ever there was a story that has made me want to leave my job & travel around the world to music festivals, it was this. No Cameras Allowed - Marcus Haney. Watch it.

* I ran 5km's yesterday (after a 3 month sabbatical) thanks to Rey & Kjavik wooooooo hooooooo!

* Love is universal Salvation Mountain

* Gorgeous baby product branding Milk & Co

* Such an awesome pressie idea : personalised marshmallows from Boomf. I;m definitely ordering soon.

* 14 Year Wedding Anniversay gift ideas - maybe a can wrap Noodle & Boo up again!

* 2 weeks more of hard slog & then it's a hop & a skip to Shorditch, Liverpool, Dorset & Paris!

* Decor envy of this white Danish home  & Paris Chic

* High Tea? Oh gowwan then

* Tres silly & leftfield. Serenading the cows

Show & Tell

Another fun & busy week with 40th birthday Celebrations  Part 2 (final episode still to follow - eek...). The best way to spend a Sunday by far, is to have Brunch @ Pot Luck Club with all your closest friends ♥. Meanwhile these were a few things that brushed past my computer screen along the way

* This is my type of corner shop. I've LOVE to work in a world of felt products!

* Words to hate.

* I'm feeling inspired to cook again with Jamies Olivers budget meals, 1st up Korean Stir Fry. Yum!

* Marilyn Myller : a new stop-motion animation made with styrofoam puppets & long-exposure light effects

* Love the tie-dye denim mood of this picnic lunch setting

* Dresses with pockets. My new fave thing. I posted some a couple of weeks ago too. To Do List!

* I want to fill my bathroom with Mr Moss balls.


Show & Tell

Disney on Ice, Cape Town winter feels like summer & prepping for another pop-up shop. It's been a busy week & here's some bits from around the Interweb

* Love this combination of stitching over photographs

* This years most uncomfortable ad - welcome to Poo Prison

* I would have such sweet dreams in this bedding : On the Wall by Society6

* This 144 Year Old Wisteria in Japan looks like fireworks & pink skies, & I want to dance underneath it ♥

* Japanese designer creates cute cleavage diving necklaces

* Anything to make me enjoy running

* Loving these cloud storage sets

* Ceramic Masters. Truly beautiful craft.


Show & Tell

What a fun weekend. Warren turned 40! Woop Woop.
There were pressies, celebrations, sun & lots of yummy treats!

* The new Hipster Beards

* Super pretty Dandelion lights

* Good advise

* Fancy frocks with pockets, simply delicious. And those orchids? Whhhhhhaaaaaat?!

* Beautiful Product. Beautiful Brand. Field Notes

* 20 modern remakes of famous paintings.


Show & Tell

We spent a wonderful restful, couple of days this last weekend  @ Old Mac Daddy with great friends in the beautiful Elgin Valley. Can't believe I've never been before & now I can't wait to return!

* In response to the rubbish dump we are making on earth, this photographer captures pictures of people lying in a weeks worth of trash

* Accoustic Daft Punk medley

* Whilst researching our trip to Paris, I not only discovered this lovely flea market to visit, but this lovely series of portraits it inspired. Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris

* Loving these White Noise shiny pieces

* A reminder of global warning cleverly represented in these pretty Bergy Bit candles .

* Whilst driving through the orchard fields in the Elgin Valley this weekend, we thought Craft Cider!     Mmmmm

* LOVE these furry delights coming out of Meadham Kirchhoff collection for Top Shop.

Keep on shining winter sun