It's quite funny that during University my friends nick-named me Pink Em and then when I moved to SA a few years later, a different group of friends started calling me Pinky! The 1st was for a collection of rather bright clothes I sported, then later it reflected my lack of sunscreen protection!
Anyway, I do, and have always, loved pink - I even wanted Lula's 2nd name to be Pink but was out-voted on the day of registration due to the connotations with the pop singer - so when Kelly @ Scar suggested we do some pastel pink hair dipping this time round I was more than happy. I ♥ pink. And I'm loving the trend of dip dye hair - applying neon or pastel tones to just the tips of your hair rather than your whole head (which could be a bit too Kawaii for everyday wear). Although having said that, when I was researching Lolita style in Japanese street fashion, the more I I looked, the more convinced I became about going full on Fairy Kei and adopting a My Little Pony inspired Do. Maybe next time....!


such a clever girl that Kelly and the best part is that she's going to give Lula some pink streaks for the Xmas hols ♥

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