Party time!

The thought of throwing a kids birthday party can seem terrifying, but it's actually so much fun, and with a theme you can go mad with baking, propping, styling & other crafty bits to add to the story. (Just don't think about the cleaning up that inevitably follows the madness!)

This weekends celebrations were no exception. We had 3 parties, all so well planned & completely different.

They started out in the winelands ;a barbie table under the cool canopy of a shady tree followed by a welcomed swim, for Jade turning 3. An incredible Fairy transformed all the little people, doing more than your average face painting by adding glitter highlights & real jewels!



Then Frank & Tracey went all out with their pirate theme. Franks 1st week back at 'work' comprised making a fab working canon! (a hit with the dads as well as the kids, maybe the dads a little more) & shark fins, & Traceys beautiful finishing touches were just perfect for Franny's big 5th birthday.




Then Rose's seaside picnic was such a treat for a lazy Sunday morning. It was another glorious day in Cape Town & the secluded cove of Bakoven is the perfect little beach for little people to play. What a gorgeous nook with a view out to sea & the 12 Apostles behind as a back drop.

Well done to the mums & dads responsible for these 3 great creations (and I think I've had enough cake & icing to last me a few months!) x

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