Detox Part 2

The 1st 3-day detox went by quite easily, so I followed it up with another 3-day detox.
A week seemed a good amount of time to cleanse the system, reboot my mind & get me motivated about feeling good for summer.

So a week of no wheat, gluten or dairy, turned out to be fairly manageable despite my love for milk (I have to say I have missed a good cup of tea, but a cup of honey infused Rooibos is still pleasant).

This detox is adapted from The Best of This Life Smoothie Detox & I combined it with some ideas from my previous plan & a bit of Paleo thinking;  and it was a welcome relief to the 1st high vegetable based 3 days. I really appreciated the freshly squeezed orange juice on the 1st morning & the thick yummy banana based smoothies. Which is great. You learn to appreciate & relish good, natural food rather than looking for treats in the form of processed, stodgy take-aways & fatty/carb-heavy snacks.

Here it is :

* Wake Up Water
- I'm continuing the practice of having lemon & ginger water 1st thing in the morning, based on the previous detox plan

* Decaf Green Tea (with lemon)

* Breakfast Super Juice

- 1 deliciously juicy orange freshly squeezed along with 1 apple, a few kale (or spinach) leaves, ginger &  lemon

* Smoothie mid-morning snack
These 3 combo's I tried are fantastic & filling
Blueberry crush
Strawberry Coconut Blitz
- 1 banana, 1 cup of Almond milk, 4 dates (+3 Tbsp coconut milk yoghurt & 1/2 Tsp vanilla extract optional    I didn't have)
- 2 bananas, cup of frozen blueberries, 2 cups of Almond milk, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds, 1 Tsp raw honey
- 1 banana, 200ml coconut water, 1 date, strawberries & handful of kale

* Sushi Salad Lunch (or green salad)

* Afternoon snack
- 2 brown rice crackers with almond butter
- handful of nuts

* Dinner
Roasted Butternut Curry Soup ♥

- Stir 2 Tbsp coconut/olive oil with 1 Tbsp curry powder in a big bowl. Mix a diced butternut, chopped onion & clove of garlic in, spread on to a baking sheet & bake for 20 mins @ 250 degrees. Then heat the cooked veg with 1 Tbsp fresh ginger, 3 cups of chicken/veg stock & 1 can coconut milk/cream, simmering for 2-25mins. Blend, add coriander & enjoy!
Roast Butternut/courgettes/squash, onion, drizzled with 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil for 45 mins @ 200 degrees. Spread the cooked veg with 1/2 cup blitzed, kalamata olives.

I was surprised how easy both detox's were, and how with a bit of preparation you can skip dairy, meat & wheat without even noticing.

I think I'll do these quite regularly to just keep a check on my nibbling habits!

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