Valentine Special!

Valentines Day ♥

There's nothing worse for me than going out for dinner on Valentines Day. We tried it once or twice (in the early days) and it was awful. Being squeezed in to a restaurant with a load of couples who probably only go out together once a year & also probably don't even like each other very much, who find themselves staring at each other in silence over a steak & plate of calamari. It's depressing and so unspecial.
Maybe I'm just cynical?!

I'm happy with some flowers, any day actually, so on Valentines is also fine & I'd be happy to receive a bunch (just not over-priced roses). Other than that a yummy meal at home with Warren is enough for me.

Since Lula arrived in our lives, Feb 14th has actually been a lot more fun & easy to join in with. It's a nice opportunity to make heart things, theme a picnic with red & pink cakes, and decorate stuff for her.

And this year I decided to spread the love to some of the other gorgeous little people we know.

I love a theme
I love hearts
I love sewing stuff
I love red
Valentine pressies are fun!

For the little people

♥ onsies for twins

Downloadable cards from here

Happy Valentines Day Everyone ♥

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