Show & Tell

We spent a wonderful restful, couple of days this last weekend  @ Old Mac Daddy with great friends in the beautiful Elgin Valley. Can't believe I've never been before & now I can't wait to return!

* In response to the rubbish dump we are making on earth, this photographer captures pictures of people lying in a weeks worth of trash

* Accoustic Daft Punk medley

* Whilst researching our trip to Paris, I not only discovered this lovely flea market to visit, but this lovely series of portraits it inspired. Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris

* Loving these White Noise shiny pieces

* A reminder of global warning cleverly represented in these pretty Bergy Bit candles .

* Whilst driving through the orchard fields in the Elgin Valley this weekend, we thought Craft Cider!     Mmmmm

* LOVE these furry delights coming out of Meadham Kirchhoff collection for Top Shop.

Keep on shining winter sun

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