Show & Tell

Pin hole Bijou
What a fab week. Super sociable, Warren exhibited some pieces at #openstudios, Squish had her 1st go at surfboarding and I had some great support from my pop-up Lula by Emma sale at work. There was also some fun things whizzing around the internet :

* A load of Hot Air 99 Red Balloons

* Insect byproducts used to create sculptural objects

* Wonderful installation highlighting the need of a basic vessel to be able to drink from by Hennie Meyer, Ukesela aKapa (and I was lucky enough to be given one last Wed @ Alex Hamiltons #MegaMashUp2 hooray!)

* Beautifully produced video game 'Lumino City'

* Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. Wa ha ha

* New favourite series The Knick. Loved it.

* There's a secret apartment in the Eiffel Tower??

* I'm feeling like I should have planned better for 1 Dec and organised a Gin Advent Calendar

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