Show & Tell

One of Warren's pics of my home town, Weymouth from a UK trip in 2009
So for this week's Tuesday sillies :

* I'm so going to win with this illusion that was created in UK!

* I love these cute family travel maps

* on the same travel theme, this game is very addictive & gives an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you get it right

* a very sweet animation "My Happy End" (not rude!!)

* is that a somersaulting giraffe in this go-pro adrenalin junkie movie?!!

* oh gowwon then!! Here's one for Lula, although all those cake visuals at this Virtual Teddy Tea Party might make me dive in to the nearest gateau (oh yes, it's not supposed to be for me)

* It's quite incredible what a couple of kids can do with some spare time, bits of lego & a lot of imagination

* I'm always attracted to things Japanese & this site is no exception. Beautiful images, ideas & inspiring short films.

* This is such killer tune, Shine by Hot Creations from Warren. I LOVE it. Like REALLY love it. A LOT! Reminds me of the old days ♥

* Andy shared this amazing art installation in Copenhagan. Incredible

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