Tuesday Homework

Pretty much since I moved to South Africa we've seen our 'besties' at least once a week. We've been friends with the our amazing "Swampies"/ "Poops" for about 10 years now so that's a lot of chit chat, fun times, life expereinecs & silliness we've shared & we feel so lucky to have them in our lives.
In our younger crazy days, Friday night was the meeting night. Without fail we'd put on our dancing shoes & hit the streets of Cape Town, it took a lot to slow us down, & I treasure those years so much.

But 5 years ago, by pure coinsidence, both Poops & I fell pregnant in the same year which worked out perfectly! Obviously we had to change our lifestyle & social activities (it was time!); weekend parties were no longer on the agenda, so we replaced them with Tuesday night supper dates. It's so easy to lose contact if you're not going out on a regular basis, so Tuesday's are set in our calendars & unless one of us is absolutely dying of flu or so grumpy it would just be horrid for the rest of us we try to stick to it as much as possible so that we all stay connected & our littlies bond.

Now Lula & Maya are besties. They're only 4 1/2 months apart. They're growing up like sisters & love each other to bits.
We love our Poops' more & more each day too ♥

So this year Tuesdays took a twist & Andy had a great idea to add an element of fun in to to them. We have to bring 'homework' to the dinner. It can be anything. The empahasis is on it being something the others haven't seen or know about. So a viral campaign, a joke, an App, an amazing video, a newly discovered artist or just something wierd we've seen on the internet!

I love it. It's such fun.

I'll post them each week along with anything else I see that I like.

* Andy told us about this newly discovered Egyptian City

* Unexplainable shapes in the Chinese Dessert

* A Canadian Politician who confirms that we are living in the company of Aliens (hmmmm.....)

* And this video from Die Antwoord. "Cookie Thumper". Not my favourite. Yuk

* This is a cool take on Photobooths

Last week we had :

* Samsies
* And this fantastic App for IPAD that we are totally in ♥ with. Paper. Obsessed.

I need to get sourcing for our next 'show & tell'!


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