Dressing Up Capes for fun little people

Last year I started a range of Superhero Capes  for boys & girls aged 2-5 yrs ish which come with matching, reversible masks & crowns. They are so sweet and kids have absolutely loved them. I've received stories of kids wearing them to bed, wearing them to school & taking their superhero transformations extremely seriously - and rightly so, when better time to have super powers than when you're 4!

But I've had a few requests from mums for other dress-up costumes. I had a think about it and what I loved about the superheros was their simplicity, boldness of colour & design, and how with 2 basic items, you can instantly become a new character.  We brainstormed some ideas that would translate well with this formula; instant dress-ups that don't require fiddly attachments or props. Just a cape & a hat and the transformation is complete.

So far I've expanded the range to include these alternatives: Nurse, Wizard, Pirate, Princess, Ringmaster & Camo Superhero. I'm hoping there is appeal for both boys & girls to explore their imaginations.

Each is finished with bold symbols and pom pom trim & are handmade with love ♥, as always.

Let me know what you think of these, I'd love to know which is your favourite (so far Lula's favourite is the Princess & I'm torn between the Pirate & Wizard!)

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