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I became a fan of artist Frank Van Reenens work a few years after I arrived in South Africa.

Back in 2005 (ish I think) those clever boys Justin & Cameron of The Neighborhood Market (& general leaders in bringing a long-awaited market culture to Cape Town) opened a little Cape Town gallery in Hope St.
The What If The World Gallery was a small space between a laundret & hair salon and they transformed the tiny room into an inspiring & engaging platform for young artists & Capetownians to meet & display their talents. It's purpose if I remember correctly was to exhibit unique, original pieces & sell them at affordable prices to benefit give new local talent exposure as well as make art accessible to all by pricing everything under R1000.

It was one of my favourite spots & I went to nearly all their opening nights and subsequently own a little Senyol , an ALFALFA screen print , Dom Sable illustration & stunning LED lamp-shaped light.

They then moved to larger premises in Woodstock, hosting bigger exhibitions, & it was there that I bought my 1st "Frank".

It was Blue Dog.
In 2007.
I saw him sitting there amongst the other sculptures and canvases & fell in love with him instantly. I used my Xmas bonus & bought him without hesitation.
It was the 1st time I'd really purchased anything of value for myself, and it felt so exciting & a privilege to own the pastel blue, curvey hound.

Now that years later we've become friends, it was funny to hear that this particular blue dog was supposed to be his wifes. They were surprised & happy to find him chilling in our bedroom window alcove - literally across the road from the studio he was 'born' in.
(Luckily Tracy now also has her own Blue Dog who was returned from an exhibition in New York.)

A year later, I treated myself to one of the classic Shy Girls. So adorable.

Then when Frank showed me his work-in-progress of Skater Boy earlier this year, I knew that I'd have to have one. With Warren's recent love of skate boarding, it was too appropriate not to. It was the perfect Xmas present for him.

Now we have Skater Boy & Shy Girl. A reflection of Warren & I? (ok not quite!)

I also have to confess to 'borrowing' Lula's 4th B'day pressie. It's just so perfect for our bedroom picture wall. But she's smart (and has good taste!) I thought she might forget it was hers, but every so often she reminds me & asks if it can go in her room, to which I always reply "of course - just as soon as I get some more nails my darling" (terrible mummy I know)

I love the solid ice-cream colours and smoothness of the enamel, & the humour that is in each of the pieces.
It's art that makes me happy.

My other favourites are:

"Puppy Love"

"Soft Toy Love"

and "Pretend Pretend"

See more of his gorgeous works here

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