Show & Tell

Here's some things that caught my eye over the hols

* This year (as with all 1st Jan's I suppose) I plan to be more active. This is an interesting post about getting our children more active too.

Every picture on Instagram is the same...

* Sweet illustration & collage works by Mathilde Aubier

* A collection of adrenaline filled people

* As the "best of's" and compilations of 2013 roll out, it's really fun to do your own review of the year with Flipagram

So it's the end of the year.
It's been a busy one with new school, holidays, dinner dates, loving Cape Town, tonsils, sewing (lots), saying goodbye to loved pets & welcoming new ones, fun with friends & starting house decor.
And the best thing about the end of a good year, is that it's the chance to start a new one and with that comes new lists!

Tra la

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