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I missed last weeks posting, Squish & I both came down with an awful tummy flu which took us down for a week. I hate being ill, apart form the discomfort, I can't help but think about what a waste of time it is, lying in bed feeling terrible when there are things to do! Anyway, we're on the mend & here's this weeks links :

Louis CK - funniest comedian I've seen recently. Genius.

If I had more time I'd definitely be making some of these rope vessels

I know it's winter now & freezing out there, but I've never had a French Soda - they look delicious!

For those who haven't seen, I must share our Lula By Emma shoot again ♥

Weird & wonderful. Nature  

What you can do with some cups of water, time & a lot of patience, here  

Beautiful but quite terrifying at the same time. Centenarians

Um & that would be a YES to all of these picks by Miss Moss

Why? Not sure. Why not? Absurd portraits by Romain Laurant

Loving Haas new skull crockery

Brrr more rain for Cape Town

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