Show & Tell

Another fun & busy week with 40th birthday Celebrations  Part 2 (final episode still to follow - eek...). The best way to spend a Sunday by far, is to have Brunch @ Pot Luck Club with all your closest friends ♥. Meanwhile these were a few things that brushed past my computer screen along the way

* This is my type of corner shop. I've LOVE to work in a world of felt products!

* Words to hate.

* I'm feeling inspired to cook again with Jamies Olivers budget meals, 1st up Korean Stir Fry. Yum!

* Marilyn Myller : a new stop-motion animation made with styrofoam puppets & long-exposure light effects

* Love the tie-dye denim mood of this picnic lunch setting

* Dresses with pockets. My new fave thing. I posted some a couple of weeks ago too. To Do List!

* I want to fill my bathroom with Mr Moss balls.


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