Show & Tell

Spring has sprung & love is in the air. It's our 14 year anniversary this week, the African sun is tickling our cheeks & here's some cyber bits that caught my attention x

* If ever there was a story that has made me want to leave my job & travel around the world to music festivals, it was this. No Cameras Allowed - Marcus Haney. Watch it.

* I ran 5km's yesterday (after a 3 month sabbatical) thanks to Rey & Kjavik wooooooo hooooooo!

* Love is universal Salvation Mountain

* Gorgeous baby product branding Milk & Co

* Such an awesome pressie idea : personalised marshmallows from Boomf. I;m definitely ordering soon.

* 14 Year Wedding Anniversay gift ideas - maybe a can wrap Noodle & Boo up again!

* 2 weeks more of hard slog & then it's a hop & a skip to Shorditch, Liverpool, Dorset & Paris!

* Decor envy of this white Danish home  & Paris Chic

* High Tea? Oh gowwan then

* Tres silly & leftfield. Serenading the cows


  1. Great blog! Thanks for sharing my post on Salvation Mountain!
    xo The New Mrs. Hamilton

  2. Thanks The New Mrs Hamilton. Have a great week! x