Baby Ben

With the soft sun shining through Venetian blinds & the distant sound of the sea, Kerry & Rich's cliff-side home is the most perfect & tranquil spot for a new baby to start life in. And big sister Betty is always near, checking that none of the fluffy lambs cause trouble!

It felt like we were on holiday when we visited baby Ben to take some pics & we could have stayed all day in this relaxing home (although he was probably much relieved to have some peace after we had swaddled, lifted, soothed & positioned him all morning)

Here's a snippet of some of those special moments of him snoozing & wriggling with his proud parents.


Those tiny features of a new born baby never lose their magic

Retro toys from Kerry's childhood, along with Bens growing lamb collection & art from overseas make the sweetest nursery 
(and spot the Moon Mobile!)

Love & happiness to your beautiful family xxx

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