Lapin & Me

I just have to share this site with you on this wonderful sunny Friday.

I started following Lapin & Me on Instagram early last year & the daily inspiration of bunny & dolly delights that they post bring much happiness to my days. They are in fact going to be my #100happydays post for today.

Lapin & Me are a UK based company who manage to combine vintage & kitsch in delightful chubby-cheeked bunnies and toys that are carefully sourced from around the wall.

Lula (/me) is already the proud owner of a cherry red Deidei Doll (bought locally in Cape Town but I see originate from Ghana) & a gorgeous Lapin Light (which, no joke, I coveted for about 3 years until finally I managed to order one online from Bodie & Fou & get delivered to a friend in UK for my hubby to then bring back on his last trip there)..

Deidei Dolls

Lapin Light
Next on my wish list one of these bare-bottomed cuties, the Baby Lapin in soft grey

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