Wall love

I remember growing up in a house that was covered in crazy 70's dark swirly wallpaper. My parents soon tamed those psychedelic rooms by applying wood chip wallpaper over them & painting them 'magnolia' - it seemed so modern at the time to go so neutral.
Eventually it just felt safe & boring!

Then when Warren & I moved in to our own 1st house, all we wanted was clean plain white walls. Everything had to be white.
And I still love that. It's such a light & fresh solution.

We recently moved in to a new house & I'm desperate to give it a facelift.
I'm craving a bit of pattern again & am desperate to get some wallpaper up on a wall somewhere.

In our previous house we had a wall of Cole & Son Woods in our bedroom which we loved & sadly had to leave behind when we moved.

I must say, I do miss our white floors from our old house. And our Siamese Bangers :( 

Anyhoo. Do we go for the same trees again?

I feel we should try a different one but can't seem to find any that I like quite as much?
Here's a few that I love



1. Chevrons
2. Dog Parlour
3. Oversized florals
4. Fabulous Polka Dots
5. Fun Flamingoes
6. Botanical pages
7. Anthropolgie Enchanted Forest. LOVE!
8. Anthropologie C'est Magnifique

An alternative would be to make a wall installation (if I had the patience for such a project?):

1. Origami
2. Paper board origami (DIY)
3. Paper triangles
3. Polystyrene tiles can look incredible

Or even paint a design directly on the wall (if only I was arty like that!)

Titi Freak Installation

Interior wall 

Black & White illustration
To be continued with our progress (hopefully)……..

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