Show & Tell

Lots of stuff in this weeks Show & Tell!

* I LOVE living in Cape Town, and this makes me Happy.

* Animated paper with a message

* Sleeping Cats

* Techno Chicken. Love it!

* More chickens : Cocks, Chicken Beauty Pageants

* Now you can do 3d drawing with Gravity

* Pure pleasure in it's simplest form. The incedible elastic band.

* Incredible places to visit before you die. DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA

* I would love to go to this exhibition of Yoshitomo Nara

* I love fabric & would by all of these delicious Japanese ones if I could

* Customise your own  lamp shade

* Inspired by Origami, this beautiful bloom blanket

* This dad adds special effects to clips of his toddler playing

* Brilliant lip syncing to Frozen by these parents

Tra La

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