Show & Tell

It's been a week of new Superheros & all sorts of other stuff. And it's now almost time for the long weekend - so excited for yummy food, home pottering & relaxing times.

* Beautifully shot Skate Video filmed in an abandoned theme park

* What the F, T & V with this alphabet dance compilation

* I'm loving Floss Gloss new colour range, especially Honey, Faded & Biscuits.

* Pure joy from the granny on her 1st ever roller-coaster ride

* This looks like a great sport to take up!

* Beautiful collection of natural hues inspired Pinterest pics from Skattejakt : Child

* The Japanese really do go the extra mile with their vending machines 

* Kids & their toys. Toy Stories

* Absolutely loving Skinny la Minx's wallpaper range.

* Ice-cream sandwiches? Prada cocktails? I'm liking these Food Trends for 2014.

* This weeks song added to the running playlist "Addicted to You"

* Jigsaw puzzle App? It doesn;t seem right for this type of activity?


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