One minute it felt like we were never going to see the sun again & we were destined for months of cold wet nights, wellies & brollies, and now we're basking in 30 degree sunshine. 
That's Cape Town & why I love living here - especially in Autumn. 
Those last downpours did get me thinking about how I actually enjoy the 1st few days of winter rain. After months of sweating & applying suncream on every outing (or not, and suffering later), it's a welcome change to dream about snuggly nights in, warm fires & soup.

There's something rewarding & guilt-free about being tucked up inside, whilst the rain drops race down the windows outside. 

As a graphic, they make pretty designs too.

Here's some sweet rain drop inspired items I found. 

I'm seriously coveting this gorgeous cushion from Mint Medley
And whilst I'm on their amazing site, how's this Raindrop Clutch. LOVE!

I'm very tempted to buy a cute fox in the rain bag from Tiny Daisy

A cute handpainted rain cloud mug on Etsy

Sweet styling project from Magpie Miller

And I couldn't do a post without bunting! This rain drop paper garland is really pretty

Love Love Love this Australian Co textiles too. Gorgeous totes aswell as cushions in graphic triangles, chevron pattern & raindrops. I would buy fabric in bulk from Harvest Textiles if I lived there

My favourite Fifi Lapin looks adorable in the rain 

My Lula by Emma Heart Clouds in our spare bedroom 

Rain or sun, which do you prefer? 
I don't think there's any doubt that I would always choose sun!

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