3 go Art Jamming!

We've been so lucky with the weather during these school holidays; on the chilly side, but sunny & dry for the most part, so there's been plenty of opportunity to play outside, have trips to the park & defeat the boredom.

But then Warren had a great idea to take Lula & some of her friends for a spot of painting!

So this morning, he headed off with Lula, Ben 10 (Franny ♥) & Jack, to Art Jamming @ the Cape Quarter.

It's a studio (for all ages) kitted out with everything you need to realease some creativity & expresss yourself artistically!

For R120, they were armed with a clean canvas, aprons, a whole lot of paints & brushes & the 3 little munchkins let their imaginaitions go wild.

Cuteness to the max.
Little masters in the making

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