Show & Tell

Warren's Aloes in Churchaven
 * You do wonder why some of these words were even invented. But apparently dactylonomy is counting on ones fingers, scolecophagous is one who eats worms, gargalesis is heavy tickling and petriclor is the smell of rain on dry ground - I'd always wondered.....

* I definitely need this cute toaster

* My new favourite shop in CT is In Good Company. Full of paper goodies, Party decor, cute gifts & pretty things ♥

* Quite impressive work from Honda

* Love the idea of this new product for printing t-shirts

* So sweet, yet so metal 6 year old!!

* Who'd have thought you could make a sport out of this....Sign Spinning!

* And I love a joke, so here's this weeks chuckle : A man walks in to a bar with some tarmac under his arm & says "I'll have a pint please, and one for the road". Wa ha ha

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