Our Family Portrait

As soon as Lula was born, we became obsessed with photographing her.

Like all new parents, I don't think you can ever get bored of recording every angle, every smile and every moment you experience together, and with Warren being a photographer, there really are millions.
It helps that she was a super cute baby (but everyone thinks that about their own, right?!)

Anyway, despite having duplicates & triplicates of images, I also wanted to have an 'art piece' made of her. I had a look around & liked the simplicity that you can achieve using a pop art approach..

So I did my own version, which I still love & is hanging on the wall in her room.


I took a pic of Lula, overexposed it to get the definition in the shadows, photocopied that a couple of times to get the minimum detail required and then painted it in flat colours with a solid black outline.

Then  last year my mum turned 60 & I wanted to give her something really unique & special & with a touch of South Africa to represent her African Babies.

So I asked a super talented friend Alwine, to do an illustration of us. And I love the results. Mum & dad have the original us up back in UK, but I also decided to make a copy for our home - it's just so cute.


Here's some other pretty ideas that I've spotted which are a lovely alternative to traditional photographed portraits.

I love the idea of making Martha Stewarts cross-stitched portraits as gifts for friends (eek need more time to get through the ever increasing project list!)

1. Embroidered necklace 2. Stencil portraits 3. Paper Dolls 4. Graphic illustration 5. Family stamp 6. Paper Cut-outs 7. Cross Stitch 8. Wooden dolls

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