Wowzers, I'm not a big coffee fan but I make a serious exception when it comes to the artisan coffee makers at Truth . It's Warrens favourite coffee hangout & I can see why now. It's so smooth & delicious it doesn't even need a sweetener to make it palatable.

And what a fab location.

I love the take-away window that serves people on the street - when we were there early on Saturday, the sun was shining down the road, there was an eclectic mix of people hanging around & it reminded me of being in New York ♥.

The Steam Punk inspired interior is tres cool & there was some serious creativity put in to transforming this downtown warehouse in to a super-styled coffee lounge inclusive of a fully operating coffee roasting factory. The vintage roaster is central to the bar & is visible from all aspects as a dramatic part of the decor as well as being fully functional at transforming the beans into the perfect cappuccino. The furniture is all unique & custom-made including a loooong long communal table at the front, to eat at, hang out & get the best caffeine fix in Cape Town.

The loos are cool, the bar staff are cool, the furniture is cool, the collection of old typewriters are cool, the coffee is cool (well, hot, but 'cool'). It's all just super cool. We love it.

A couple of weeks ago we popped in the Vintage Market that's hosted there on the last Wed of the month & then on Saturday for a delicious brekkie. (Warren used the location for a shoot the previous week too - IT's THAT COOL!)


 The Vintage Experience

My warm oats with aromatic honey & nutty dukkah was ridiculously good

I was just reading about a new initiative they are running too : Seeds of Truth . In response to increased environmental awareness & the impact of disposable coffee cups in land fills, they are creating limited edition herb container cups. The seeds are ingeniously embedded in the cup, so you can repurpose it, grow some yummy greens & make the planet smile a little after you've enjoyed your latte. And they're beautifully illustrated & designed of course!

Picture Truth

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  1. Love this post, and love that coffee shop. Love all round. <3