30thirty : with Tracey Anderson

At the beginning of the year I saw this post on Goops blog & made a mental note to try it out - one day!

Well now that day has come.

As part of my 30 day/ 30 min challenge, I did this workout at home this evening.

I don't really have idols, but out of all the famous people out there I do admire Gwen & have been following her blog for a while. She really does know how to live well & live right. So if it works for her, maybe it could work for me?

I grabbed a tin of baked beans & a tin of creamed corn, and I was set.

I had to replay the video a few times & pause the computer to do my reps, & crikey, did I feel it!

My arms have never been particularly strong, so I definitely felt the burn there & then discovered a few lost muscles in my bottom too!

I think it might take more than 15 minutes to get a bod like hers or Gwens, but at least it's a step in the right direction on my quest to get over my fear of exercise.

Day 2. Tick.

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