30thirty : Womens Health Yoga dvd

My yoga-loving, lovely friend Fi told me about a great freebie in Womens Health this month. For a bargain R32 you not only get a magazine full of health tips & stories, but it comes with a FREE 45 min yoga workout.

I've just finished doing the routine now & I loved it.

I haven't been to Yoga at the gym for a few months, but I remembered the positions & could follow the instructions easily.

How the instructor can do those poses & talk & breath at the same time is mind blowing.
And inspiring.
I found some of the routines a bit fast, but it's great being able to follow the dvd & I'm determined to keep doing it to feel stronger. I feel like yoga brings out your weaknesses but in a positive way if that makes sense. If my hip wasn't flexible, the leg was shaky or my arms unable to fully extend, I was fully aware of it, but not in a defeated way - it makes me want to improve.

(And bonus, one of the articles on page 109 looks like another great 30 minute work-out for another day)



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