Spare Bedroom Revamp

We moved in to our new house just over a year ago, and have slowly (very slowly) been settling in to our new space & working out what we want & where.

The rooms are big & the ceilings high, which I love in old Victorian homes like ours, and I'm naturally drawn to Scandinavian and B&W interiors. (My current lust is B&W decor with copper or gold accents & natural leather/wood styling.) But until we have collected more furniture & arty bits & bobs it's tricky to get a good balance between simple & clean and just sparse & lacking personality!

Our spare room was falling victim to that a bit. We had painted the en suite bathroom white & hung a pretty mirror & I made a cute curtain from some IKEA fabric I had to cover the window from the road, but the bedroom had been left a little sad & empty.

So I decided to embark on a quick & simple revamp and have created a simple head board. I was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest ages ago & wanted to create my own washi tape skyline wall.

Super cheap, super quick & super cute.

I bought some black electrical tape for R10 from the hardware store & used a scalpel knife to get clean edges. That's it!

(In hindsight I should have probably mapped it out & drawn it lightly in pencil 1st, but I've never been good at spending time on the prep & once I decide to do a project usually just jump right in!)

And it's as simple as that. Create your city outline to the size of the bed & add a hill or 2 if you like.

It reminds me a bit of Cape Town - a city nestled next to the mountain.

I ♥ it!

To complete the look, I made a sweet little cloud & rainbow hearts wall hanging (using felt hearts from my rainbow bunting)

Now I just need Warren to hang the floating shelves that we have from our old house & attach some LED lights underneath. I think it'll look fab.

Next thing to do will be to get a couple of rugs, make a new blind - we want to print something on it so we need to brainstorm that one a bit more still. And if I'm feeling brave, I'm dying to try & make a Koushi light!



  1. It looks great. I LOVE your Alice in Wonderland pillow cases! x

  2. Aren't they cute! I just ♥ Alice in Wonderland.