Show & Tell


Some funnies (and 1 maybe not so funny) & lovelies from around & about:

* Oh my goodness, this is hectic & horrendous & a serious reality check on the state of humanity's quest for food. I loved Baraka by the way, and this is filmed by the same Director.

* Is this Art or just blurry pictures taken out of a fast moving train....

* This one was about a woman who went unnoticed, living in someone's cupboard for a year. It made me chuckle.

* There's always time in life for a cat gif 

* I'm so making this giant donut pinata

* Google fun

* Imagine printing your own shoes? Now you can!

* This looks like so much fun!

* I LOVE these air vases & hope to own one when I'm grown up

* I just love this video for Evian


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