Halloween doesn't seem to be as celebrated here in South Africa compared to The States or England even, which is a bit of a pity.
It's the same with Bonfire Night, which is big in UK & not here.
It's such a shame.
I love these annual festivities. Any excuse for a theme & a dress up!

And it's most exciting for the littlies.
An opportunity to stay up late & enjoy the excitement of the dark & a bit of a party.
I have such fond memories particularly of Guy Fawkes night in England - of eating hot dogs out of wooly-mitten clad hands, ooh-ing & aaghing at the twinkly fireworks & spelling our name with sparklers. We didn't actually dress up in fancy dress back then, that would have made it even more special & fun!

I know it's a little bit early to start planning for the 31st Oct, but this year I want to do a special mini halloween party for Lula and a couple of friends.
And I've been looking around the net for fun costume ideas for little people.

So sweet!

I ♥ the Paper Doll idea & the Marigolds chicken feet!!

But if you're not in the mood to be crafty or don't have the time or patience to start whipping up elaborate costumes, you can pop down to The ShoeString Collective in Cape Town to get a Lula by Emma Superhero, Pirate, Wizard or Nurse outfit or order through my Facebook page & I'll post one to you.
Easy Peasy & super cute ♥

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