30thirty : lunchtime desk moves!

So I knew today would be a tricky one for my 30 min challenge. Straight after work I have a beauty appointment & following that a client dinner so I'll only be home waaaaay after my bed time.

This meant that I needed to do my 30 mins from my desk today.

Not as easy as I'd hoped.

I Googled 'Exercise for the Office' but most of them involved calf rises at the photocopier & running up & down the stairs like a lunatic (not going to happen, especially wearing high wedges like I am today. I'm more likely to break an ankle than tighten any glutes)

I was way too self-conscious to try these too. I tried a couple of seated crunches but was concerned that someone might think I was rocking myself in anxiety. And squats? Across the studio? I don't think so!

Cosmo's solution didn't work out for me either - arms rests on your chair is required for their workout.

But I managed to do a few of the leg raises I found in here  and repeated them a few times through the afternoon along with some Kegels & some seated bottom squeezes.

It's surprisingly difficult to clench & resist whilst still working though so I had to do it in 2 min & 5 min bursts & keep count on a post-it note.

Not a great work-out admittedly, but it was something.
Those stretchy bands would have been a better to use under my desk I think.

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