DIY Post Office play

On Thursday our little Squish spent a day in hospital.

After almost 5 years of allergy tests, homeopathic tissue salts, dust-mite-free bedding covers, humidifiers and hoping she'd grow out of snoring & heavy-breathing, it was the only way forward and her enormous adenoids were removed (along with her tonsils).

It has had it's 'ups' with marshmallows for brekkie, unlimited Nik Naks & pink milk and plenty of jelly every day, but it does mean she's booked off school & home bound for a few days, poor sausage.

She was so brave in hospital & has been such a low admin patient at home that this weekend everything was about Lula & her getting better. So I decided to make her a little Post Office kit for us to play post-lady in.

We made a Post Office out of a recyling box, a Mailbox from an A4 paper supply box, and a Letter Sorter from a shoebox.  Then we made our own stamps, postcard flash cards for sorting, and envelopes. And I made her a little mail bag, felt love letter envelope & matched it with one of our crowns & the set was complete.

The only expense was a roll of red paper @ R3.90 pm (I used about 4 m I think) & a can of spray paint @ R60.


For the Post Office : Cut a window out of the large box & fold those bits down to make a desk. Then cover it in red paper like you're wrapping a present. I added some little curtains for the sides too (it can be a puppet show or ice-cream stand in it's next life!).


For the Mailbox : Stick a piece of card on top of the small box to make an arch. Then cut a little rectangle flap and add some extra pieces of card to the sides for the post to slide in. I also added a little door at the back to get the mail out. Use gaffer tap to seal up the sides and fill in any gaps & then spray the whole mailbox red.


I used some of Lula's foam bath letters & painted them with gold pigment mixed with wood glue & stuck the word POST on to the from of the stand

Colour in & cut out your own stamps.
And we made a sorting tray with little flash card postcards to match up the letters

She's had so much helping make it all and then playing post lady & writing her Thank You letters.


 Here's to Postie fun



  1. Toooo CUTE! Well done. Lula must love it! xx

  2. Thanks Wendy. She's loving being Postie!! x