30thirty : 2 weeks in!

I think I enjoyed my gym session yesterday!

And I think that if I hadn't had so much sewing to to do, I'd have done some more in the afternoon.

And I think I was slightly frustrated that I didn't have time to do more!

Am I hooked?!!

I took a friends advise to challenge my body by altering my treadmill settings. So rather than doing the usual 5km's @ 7.5 kmph, I did interval training, running @ 10 kmph for 1 min, resting @ 5.5 kmph for 1 min, for 20 mins (total 2.6 km). It felt good to push my running.

I followed that with 5 mins @ a gradient of 7.5 and 6 kmph speed to use a different muscle set again and then headed to the nice empty room they do normally do the group classes in, to do a 15 min leg work out with Nike+.
Tough but good.

Not looking my best! I was sweating buckets especially from the Jump Wood Chops & Drop Squat Jumps, but I think I managed better than I'd have been able to do 2 weeks ago & my goal is to perform them with as much ease & comfort as the Nike+ trainer!

I left the gym this Sunday morning, feeling invigorated!

Maybe going to the gym once a week builds it in to something to dread, & now that I'm conscious of exercising on a  daily basis, it didn't hold the usual fear.

There's hope!

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