30thirty : Vinyasa Yoga

I went to a 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga Class at the Virgin Gym last night. And I can honestly say I really enjoyed it!

Whilst I was driving there, I was thinking how I didn't really want to go, that I was going because I have to and for the 1st 20 mins I couldn't take my eye off the clock, waiting for the class to hurry up & finish.

But as we got in to it, I loved the stretches.

Vinyasa Yoga is a series of continual movements linked together with synchronized breathes and whilst I knew most of the postures from previous yoga classes, the flow was quite fast at times. But between my Planks, Chaturangas & Upward facing dogs, I could feel the benefits for muscle strength & flexibility. My hips were crying out in some of the movements but I know with more practice I'll be able to connect the posture with a more steady controlled breathing & continue to get stronger.

I might be able to get hooked to this & I'm looking forward to next Thurs.

I've had a break-through!

The only hindrance was trying not to retch on my inhales when I was close to the stinky gym mat. Eugh. Most unpleasant. My own yoga mat is a priority now.

I also became very conscious  how old my lower legs & feet were looking when I was sinking in to my half pigeon! I definitely need to invest in some good exfoliators & body butters (and time) to nourish my skin as well as my soul.

It's all about making a little effort & making time. And I'm realizing that.

I tend to rush things. I'm so busy ticking the list & thinking of the next thing I need to do & I know I need to learn to be more present. It's just hard to balance that when there's so many thing I want to do!


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