30thirty : bad week/ good week

Last weeks yoga @ the Virgin Gym was fab. Karin took us through a Moon Vinyasa flow sequence & I haven't felt more open & flexible in years! The movement between the stretches & position holds felt strengthening as well as increasing suppleness & I was so impressed that by the end of the 90 mins, I could do my downward facing dog with feet completely flat on the floor, and it felt good ♥

On the Friday I did the Nike+ Leaner Legs 15 min workout.

But then the weekend schedule fell apart with all the other stuff going on (hair appointments, dinner parties & shoots!). ...
I take it as a good sign that I was aware of that though & I'm now determined to make things up this week.

Motivation Motivation
In the past I'd have probably have just given up. But I can't use skipping a day or 2 as an excuse. I need to train my mind to keep going. It's a bit like my mind set of eating badly & then thinking that I might as well keep eating badly as the damage is already done. Not very logical I know!

Motivation Motivation
I have been doing the Yogalosphy 10 min wake-up routine every morning, since last week and I'm enjoying this start to my day to feel like every part of your body is awake & energised .
This is a keeper & I hope to maintain this daily fix. I can already feel my upper body getting stronger.

So, to make up for my slackness (busy schedule!) last week, here's this week's goals to achieve - on top of my Yogalosophy breakfast workout.

- Monday : 45 min yoga dvd
- Tuesday : Nike+ x2 . (2 bonus workouts : Hope Solo's Unbeatable - those side crunches to burpees certainly gets you warm;  & Shawn Johnson's stretch guide - which I have to say was quite tricky to follow.)
- Wednesday : Tracey Andersons arms and Dr Oz 20 min workout
- Thursday : Virgin gym 90min yoga
- Friday : Walk to work, 30 min run
- Saturday : eek party night!! I'll definitely get 30 mins of dance time in here!
- Sunday : possibly, just a leetle bit incy wincy bit hungover

And go!

Here's hoping that's true!
Motivation Motivation

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