30thirty : a body like Jennifer Aniston's?

On Sunday evening we watched We're The Millers & did I have serious body envy of Jennifer Aniston. Wowzers, what a bod. Super hot!

I asked Warren if he thought that was one Yoga, and he replied that it probably is, but she's also been working at it for at least 20 years.

So I figured if I start now, I could have a super hot figure like that when I'm 60!!
(What a depressing thought!!)

Jennifer Aniston

When I Googled how she managed to look like that in the film, in turns out that it was a lot of hard work & a diet of vegetables, with the odd baked kale leaf as a 'treat'. So I really don't think it will be possible for me, even if I have until I'm 60 to accomplish it (especially without the $$$ million incentive she had) . 
I just like food too much, and living on vegetables isn't really living in my books.

But I thought I'd give her yoga  moves a go. 
It's a really nice 10 min routine instructed by her trainer Mandy Ingber and I've done it for the last couple of mornings as soon as I get up. 

There's too much to cram in to the mornings between waking up @ 6am & leaving the house for school/work @ 7.20am that I couldn't squeeze a whole workout in (and I'm not ready to set the alarm any earlier), but this feels like a good start to the day & will become part of my weekday routine.

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