30thirty : Dr Oz's 20-min workout

This evening I was planning on trying my new NTC App out but it's been so long since I registered my Nike+ account that I have no idea what the login details are & will need to reset them tom.

So I had to default to this routine that I had also bookmarked at some point (in the past 2 years)

Dr Oz's 20 in workout from Oprah.com

I'm not quite sure why I had saved this particular routine to try out - I can only assume that I must have read somewhere that it would turn me in to a supermodel whilst still being able to eat do-nuts maybe.

Oprah is hardly the fitness role model of the century and I don't think I've ever bought an Oprah magazine. But the trainer is celebrity trainer so must know a thing or 2.

Anyway, despite Joel's cheesy look in his red vest, it was surprisingly a really good strength-building work-out.

You're supposed to keep your tummy tight, face relaxed & breathe normally - NOT THAT EASY Mr  Harper when I'm doing my 1st push ups in a decade & trying to hold a plank. But if that is going to make me long & lean I'll keep trying.

It took me 30 mins & the number of reps gave my arms & legs some serious burn. That can only mean some good stuff is happening, surely?

I have to say, from the floor exercises I did at the beginning of last week, I had a constant tightness in my legs during the day at work. Reminding me of the leg lifts & squeezes I had repeated.
And that felt good.
It felt good to feel the muscles being used.
So does that mean I'm starting to enjoy the sensation of exercise?
I can't say I'm addicted quite yet, but I'm working on it.


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