30thirty : NTC

I mentioned the NTC App the other day.

My Yogi/fitness/health conscious friend recommended it to help me in my quest to conquer my reluctance to exercise :)

I'm new to the iPhone and have been getting more & more in to it over the past couple of weeks, enjoying the Apps & functionality of it. And Nike+ looked like a fun App to interact, track progress and set goals with.

I chose x2 "Get Focused" 15 minute workouts to target specific areas.


The 1st was Better Butt. And the 2nd Ab Burner.

I didn't have the equipment - a medicine ball for the abs workout & dumbell for the better butt set. But
I struggled to get through it using just my arms as a weight so there would be no way I'd have completed it with that extra burden!

The 'voice' takes you through the 1 min exercises and there's a video you can watch that demonstrates how to perform the moves + written instructions, so it's really clear & easy to follow & broken down in to manageable chunks (in theory!)

It was hard! And painful. (And not that fun)

My body had the shakes after both workouts.

I wish it was easier.

Maybe that's what drives people to stick at it . To get stronger, so that it becomes easier.

The App's great though with lots of options on types of training with different levels & progress reports to map your goals.

And I have to say, now that it's been 10 mins since I finished it, I feel fine again, my core isn't in spasm & I suppose 30 mins of effort isn't too much to ask of my lazy body.



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