30thirty : Sat eve stretches

So I have to admit it.

I missed a day.

My social calendar is NEVER as full as it was last week, and on Friday I honestly couldn't squeeze one sit up or lunge in to my day! The weather was grotty so a lunchtime walk was out of the question, and as soon as I got home after work I spent 2 hours starting a baby shower gift for Saturday before heading out in to town for dinner & cocktails with friends (which I have to say was fantastic fun, so 1 day off isn't too bad, especially as collectively over the week, the 30 mins was technically covered - listen to the OCD in me, I can't bear not ticking the list!)

On Sat, after a slight hint (bit worse than that!) of a hangover, morning swimming for Lula, rushing to finish sewing the gift & then hosting our friends baby shower for their twin boys they're expecting soon, I was exhausted. But rather than collapse in a heap on the couch, whilst Lula watched a movie before bed time, I spent half an hour on the rug in the lounge, in front of the glowing fire, doing a series of stretches, to complete the week and relax in to the evening.


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